Journey Inside the Human Body

Journey Inside the Human Body

human body

Modern medicine knows many methods with which to explore the human body. Over time they have developed sophisticated machines that take pictures inside the human body, giving us incredible images of certain organs, sometimes in 3D format.

Depending on the area of medicine using the different methods by which we understand the overall picture of our physical state. The fact is that within the human body take place countless processes, many of them still do not known, but the medicine each day reveals new ways. Right now the focus is on the statement made by U.S. scientists that blood test can determine who will live longer with accuracy from 60 to 85 percent. Unbelievable, is not it!? Diagnostics is an area of medicine that deals with the constant finding new ways to better explore the area inside the human body. Sometimes, it is not necessary to scan your body in order to see that something is wrong. Some symptoms are clearly delineating the surface of the skin, eyes, etc… Thus, for example pale in the face often means anemia, fatigue, exhaustion, and others. However, the most accurate diagnosis occurs when all available methods incorporate parameters that indicate a particular disease.

Inside the human body take place countless parallel processes which together makes a balanced whole. What is happening inside our bodies causes the interest of scientists as well as the world around us and even space. Numerous documentary series have been dedicated to discovering the secrets that hide the human body. Today, at the time of digitalization there are number of sites where you can learn in great detail the ways in which the body works. LINKThere are also video clips that show the more realistic our body.

Check here fascinating animation display inside the human body, its anatomy and physiology, but also the whole complexity of the surgery.

Here you can view last year’s animation.

For those who want to study the sky is the limit. Take you on an adventure inside the human body.

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Human Body

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Human Body

Human Body

Human Body

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